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Operating principle
AQUA’s flow of feed water is taken from the flow of seawater coolant. Feed water enters the lower (evaporator) section of the plate pack, in which the plates are warmed by the heating medium. Here the water is evaporated at around 40­60°C in a vacuum of 85­95%, which is maintained by the brine/air ejector. The vapour produced rises between the plates into the middle (separator) section of the plate pack, where any droplets of entrained seawater are removed. Gravity causes these droplets to fall back into the brine sump at the bottom of the freshwater generator. Only clean freshwater vapour reaches the top (condenser) section of the plate pack, which is cooled by a flow of seawater. Here the vapour is condensed into fresh water, which is pumped out of the freshwater generator by the freshwater pump.

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